Climate Adaptation Balance Change Ecosystems

Maris Klavins
Co-director of the National Research Programme. Academic LAS, Professor, Dr.hab.chem. Chairman of Environmental Science Department, Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences UL. Studies climate change impact on hydrological regime of waters. Participated in EU FP5 and FP6 research projects, coordinated applied and basic research projects granted by Latvian Council of Science and UL. Main research interests: climate variability impact on fluxes of substances and development of methods for environmental analysis.
Address: Faculty of Geography and Earth Science UL, Alberta Street 10, Riga,

Andris Andrusaitis
Co-director of the National Research Programme. Dr. biol., Associated professor at UL, Chairman of Department of Hydrobiology, Faculty of Biology UL. Component 1 Assistant coordinator of GEF Baltic Sea Regional Project. Main research interests: function of plankton system in the Baltic Sea.
Address: Faculty of Biology UL, Kronvalda Blvd. 4,

Uldis Bethers
Work Package 1 Coordinator. Leading researcher of Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. Board member of “Center for Processes' Analysis and Research” LTD. Developed a system of models for operational oceanography. Applied modelling methods to study processes in the Gulf of Riga and marine coastal zone processes. Main research interests: application of mathematical models of environmental processes and systems.
Address: Laboratory of Environmental and Technological Modelling, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics UL, Zellu Street 8, Riga, e-mail:

Viesturs Jansons
Work Package 2 Coordinator. Professor at Faculty of Rural Engineering, Latvia University of Agriculture (LUA), Chairman of the Department of Environment and Water Management. Coordinated international project Drainage Basin and Load of the Gulf of Riga, sub-project B: “Soil and Nutrient Loss From a Small Catchment”(1993 – 1997); Baltic Sea Agricultural Action Programme’s projects BEAROP I (1993-1997) and BEAROP II (1997-2000). Main research interests: impact of agricultural pollution on aquatic ecosystems.
Address: Faculty of Rural Engineering LUA, Akademijas Street 19, Jelgava, e-mail:

Gunta Springe
Work Package 3 Coordinator. Leading researcher at the Institute of Biology UL, Dr biol. Associated Professor of Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences UL. Coordinated in Latvia EC FP5 project “Standardization of River Classifications: Framework Method for Calibrating different Biological Survey Results Against Ecological Quality Classifications to be Developed for the Water Framework Directive”. Coordinates Latvian Council of Science Projects “Elaboration of Criteria for Rational Utilisation and Securing Sustainable Development of Latvian Lakes According to their Bio-functional Characteristics” and “Impact of Environmental Changes on Development of Freshwater Communities and Quality of Aquatic Ecosystems”. Main research interests: Ecology of inland surface waters of Latvia.
Address: Institute of Biology UL, Laboratory of Hydrobiology, Miera Street 3, Salaspils, e-mail:

Guntis Eberhards
Work Package 4 Coordinator. Dr. Hab. Geogr., Professor Emeritus of Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences UL. Coordinated monitoring of the geological risk zones of the Baltic Sea Coast. Participated in international projects “Erosion”, Research in the Mesolithic –Neolithic Zvejnieki Cemetery and Environment, Northern Vidzeme, LIFE-Nature Project “Protection and Management of Coastal Habitats in Latvia” as well as the national project “Development of Water Management in Liepaja”. Main research interests: geological processes and protection of the Baltic Sea coast.
Address: Address: Faculty of Geology and Earth Sciences UL, Alberta Street 10, Riga, e-mail:

Juris Aigars
Work Package 5 Coordinator. Dr. Geogr., director of Latvian institute of Aquatic ecology, docent of Faculty of Geography and Earth Science, UL. Served as local coordinator of EC FP 5 project SIBER: Silicate and Baltic Sea Ecosystem Response. Coordinator of EC LIFE project “Marine protected areas in the Eastern Baltic Sea": pollution work package. Main research interests: biogeochemical cycles of nutrients and heavy metals.
Address: Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology, Daugavgrivas street 8, Riga, LV1048. E-mail:

Anda Ikauniece
Work Package 6 Coordinator, Dr. biol., Researcher of Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology. Participated in EC FP5 and FP6 projects: BASYS, CHARM, BONUS. Main research interests: ecology of marine zooplankton, benthos – plankton coupling.
Address: Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology, Daugavgrivas street 8, Riga, LV1048.

Kristine Abolina
Work Package 7 Coordinator, Dr. geogr, docent of Faculty of Geography and Earth Science, UL. Performed comprehensive sustainability analysis for Riga city; co-author of environmental and development policy assessment of Riga in context of the Olborg commitments. Main research interests: aspects of sustainable development in the context of urban environment and governance, societal participation in governance, development of sustainability indicators.
Address: Faculty of Geology and Earth Sciences UL, Department of Applied Environmental Science, Alberta Street 10, LV1010,

Arturs Skute
Work Package 9 Coordinator, Dr. biol., professor of University of Daugavpils. Coordinates EK LIFE Nature project “Protection of species and biotopes in Raznas nature park”, and ERAF project “Biological Recourses Study Centre of University of Daugavpils”. Main scientific interest: functioning of freshwater ecosystems.
Address: University of Daugavpils, Vienibas gatve 13, Daugavpils,

Ineta Pliksa
Program manager, MSc (Environmental Science, Pedagogy). Served as coordinator of EC LIFE Nature project “Protection and Management of Coastal Biotopes in Latvia”. Co-author of Riga city Environmental Strategy Action Plan, and Strategic Environmentntal Impact Assessment of Riga City Development Plan.
Address: Faculty of Biology UL, Kronvalda Boulevard 4, LV1010,