Climate Adaptation Balance Change Ecosystems

Workpackage 4: Coastal Processes

WP4 coordinator is Guntis Eberhards, Dr.hab.geogr., Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences, UL. WP4 participants are researchers at the same faculty.

During the 1st phase of the work information on geological processes in the coastal zone of Latvia will be collected from various sources: research papers, scientific reports, commissioned studies, published maps etc. The purpose of this step is to investigate how coastal processes (especially coastal erosion) have varied over time and space in various sub-systems of the Baltic coast: the coast of the main Baltic Sea basin, the coast of the Strait of Irbe, the Kurzeme and Vidzeme shores of the Gulf of Riga. Special attention will be paid to documents summarizing data on the impact of extreme storms (e.g. 1967 and 1969). Published and unpublished information on various periods of the last century gathered during this phase will be transformed into a set of digital maps providing knowledge on the past coastal processes and their change in time. An important step will be selection of the base-map.